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Christian Israel tours

Tours of Devotion
Here it all started, here it continues, a spiritual journey shared by billions of souls all over the world. Israel is the origin, the beginning and the end of true Christian heritage, awaiting you many splendored and open for true devotion. Here Jesus came to be, gently disciplining his early flock and brethren in the art of divine love and acceptance. Follow in his footsteps through the land, yea whose spirit is true.

The first pilgrimage
Christianity holds the act of pilgrimage sacred, none more so than that of Jerusalem, Bethlehem and Sea of Galilee – True places where true miracles are attested to. Christian Israel tours take you to the actual places where Jesus gave the Sermon on the Mount, where he walked on water. Come witness the tragic steps of Via Dolorosa (road of pain) where the cross was carried, the valley where a man died and a religion was born. It is a trip of a lifetime – Jesus’s lifetime!

Travel well – Pray well
Christian Israel tours bring you to all this and do so with the expert touch of appreciation, allowing you to devote yourself to the journey within your heart, at some of the world’s most sacred sites of worship. The best guides, unmatched storyteller, will take you through the land and life of The Son. Enjoy the best specialized hotels and travel arrangements intended to allow the devoted a safe journey, with just the right comfort and amenities to free the soul – to worship.

The Kingdom of Heaven
The navel of the world, the gem of the soul, now you may come to ancient Jerusalem with Christian Israel tours on the best of terms. It is a trip not to be taken lightly, because these are not mere places but the vanguard of a Christian heart. Follow in the footsteps of kings, poets, scholars and fellow devout brethren on a journey to the Holiest of Holy – yourself. Now the time has come for you to trace the divine element within the soul – Come with Christian Israel tours and become whole.

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