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Israel Itinerary

ISRAEL: The Holy Land…The Land of Milk & Honey… The  Promised Land… The Start-Up Nation.  There  are many names for this little country with a whole lot going on.  Each name speaks to a different part of its  history and character.

Israel is a land with every type of  landscape. It is a land with history and foundations dating back to biblical  tales, ancient empires, and religious ancestors. It is a land with a thriving  modern economy, diverse population and a center of hi-tech innovation.  In a compact space, Israel combines the old with the  new, and the ancient with the modern.

Create your Israel itinerary today and come  visit this unique land.
At Israel Holyland Travel, our Israel itineraries integrate a journey through  the Holy Land’s ancient history with a glimpse into Israel’s modern society.  Our different tour packages provide the formula for an unforgettable trip through this unforgettable country.

The David Citadel

Our Israel itineraries include The Footsteps  of Jesus Tour, the Bible Tour, Holy Land Pilgrimage Tour, Bar  Mitzvah Tour and many more. Each tour is designed to delve into the historical and religious sites that make Israel  one of a kind.

Get lost in your faith and the history  of your surroundings as you visit Israel’s most famous sites.

  • Explore ancient  walls sacred to the world’s three monotheistic religions within the Old City of Jerusalem and then experience the flavors, the charm and the diversity of Jerusalem’s New City.
  • Walk along the Galilee’s Gospel Trail in search of Jesus’ footsteps and simultaneously discover modern irrigation solutions fashioned by the kibbutz  movement in the beautiful mountain terrain.
  • Float in the Dead Sea as you imagine ancient merchants commuting through Qumran  along the once bustling Spice Route; afterward, you can enjoy the mineral-rich skin products their innovative descendants have  produced.
  • Take a journey through time in Caesarea.  Learn about its history from the Roman period to modernity as you look at ruins of an ancient port and theater renovated for modern use.

Join one of our Israel itineraries for  a meaningful adventure through the incredible history, religion and landscape  that make this country unique.


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