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The Promised Land!
Indeed a promise kept, Israel is alive and kicking, retaining its glorious past within the high tech present. Come witness the life of modern Israel which is a tapestry of old and new, many cultures that make it one – and in the midst of it, a Jewish heart, a lifeline thousands of years old, which continues to throb in proud chests and holy places as ever before. This land is your land, by right and decree.

Here, Where the Bible comes alive
Nowhere on Earth is there such a place as Jerusalem. Israel tours Jewish means that among all the divinity, you come to access a Jewish essence that can only be found in Jerusalem, amid its cobbled archways and halls. It is a place for the religious as well as the secular, because Love does not need definitions. Here resides the heart of Zion and to here you shall come to find yourself. There is no other, there can be no other. You’d do well to remember this and come to Jerusalem with best intentions.

A time to reap (joy)
Yea, for Israel tours Jewish are also about the time in the sun, the smiling faces that are indeed an old Mitzvah, to always greet a person. Find this quality, a rare gem indeed, both in Holy places as well as secular ones. Israel is sacred as whole and Divine Revelation is rife. You just need to want to see, allow yourself to feel, for it is not hidden but in the faces, the trees, the laughter of children, the Hebrew itself. One cannot explain this. One must experience it firsthand, so do.

The Guiding Hand
If you are new to the land and this is to be your first visit, you’d do well to select Israel tour Jewish guide services that will see you through, allow you to focus in this little land of great miracles. Make this a spiritual journey but also a light hearted one – a great Mitzvah to be happy, always, and Israel tour Jewish is way to go!

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