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Israel is a land like no other. Within meager 500km. some of the world’s most marvelous wonders await. These could be explored through a vast selection of Israel tour packages to accommodate any and every taste, every budget, age, capability and heart’s desire. It is the diversity of the land which lends itself so well to exploration on many levels, be them cultural, geographical, spiritual or hedonistic. All are equally accessible, permitted, encouraged in the true Land of Milk and Honey.

Spirituality galore
Israel was coveted by every major power along history and for a good reason. Israel tour packages can take you through the world’s holiest places, shrines and monuments. These places of worship held the world’s spiritual focus for more than two millennia and still do. So strong is this land’s power over the believer that the phrase “Jerusalem Syndrome” was coined – as some souls had become too infused with sanctity in the holy cities. Come and explore, pray, know.

Nature’s best
Perfectly situated along the Syrian African rift, the land offers wondrous diversity of nature, all within its limited confines that can be travelled in one day. Israel tour packages answer the nature buff’s wildest dreams with sightings, treks and total immersion in all these – Deserts, snowy peaks, amazing beaches and ancient groves. Explore the wildlife, migrating birds and unique local botanic with expert guides of Israel tour packages. It is all about nature’s best which awaits you in sunny Israel to lo and behold.

Fun in the Sun
Considered one of the world’s ten best party cities, Tel Aviv awaits you with its nonchalant splendor. The city that never sleeps hold all the attractions for the savvy raver, beach goer and urbane. Not to be easily undone, Jerusalem, Haifa and many locales hold great fascination for the modern traveler. Come be electrified by the beat of it with Israel tour packages through the bubbling party scene, beach scene, fun scene! Come, see and be seen having the time of your life – no holds barred. Israel is always the place to be!

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