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Christian tours to Israel

Church of the Holy Sepulcher

Israel Holyland Travel  offers an array of Christian Tours to Israel to satisfy every  curiosity.  Travel through the Holy Land to explore the sites of the Bible or combine it  with a regional tour.  From Israel, continue on to see the sites in Bethlehem and Jericho, Jordan, or Egypt.  Israel Holyland Travel has different packages  so you can see them all.

Christian Tours offered by  Israel Holyland Travel include:

  • Holy  Land Pilgrimage Tours
  • Footsteps  of Jesus Tour
  • Bible  Tour
  • The  Feast of the Tabernacle Tour
  • Feast  of the Annunciation Tour
  • Easter  Tour

Each of our Christian  tours to Israel includes visits to the Galilee, Jordan River, Nazareth and Jerusalem,  as well as other holy spots important to believers of the Christian faith.

For those interested in  other countries in the region, Israel Holyland Travel offers the following  Christian combination tours to Israel:

  • Israel + Bethlehem       & Jericho:       Explore the city of Jesus’       birth and the Church of the Nativity.  Travel to Jericho,       the oldest city in the world set alongside the Jordan        River. Explore the modern city and learn about its long       history, starting with the biblical Battle of Jericho and then touched by the       Persian, Hellenistic, Babylonian, Roman, and Ottoman Empires.
  • Israel + Jordan: Visit the Jordanian side of the Dead Sea for views Sodom & Gomorrah, and the nearby Byzantine       Church built in Lot’s       honor. Experience the city of Aqaba, once King Solomon’s port, and Petra,       a mountain fortress inhabited by Esau’s descendents the Edomites. Travel       to ancient Madaba and the Greek Orthodox Church of St. George to see       ancient mosaics of the Holy Land. Visit Mount       Nebo, believed to be Moses’ tomb, and view the Plains of Moab where       the tribes of Israel once camped.
  • Israel + Egypt:        Explore the Pyramids from up close. Recreate the Exodus from Egypt, stopping at biblical marks in the       Wilderness of Shur, the Nile River and Mount Sinai.  Ride a camel up Mount Moses,       visit St. Catherine’s Monastery built where Moses’ infamous bush is       believed to have burned. Journey to the Red Sea for a breathtaking view of       Saudi Arabia, Jordan and Israel.

Our Christian Tours to  Israel can be combined with any of the regional tours to Bethlehem &  Jericho, Jordan and Egypt  to fully experience your Christian faith and fulfill your dreams of walking the  Bible.

Each group will have a  great opportunity to meet one of the Christian leaders in Israel to receive  their blessing.

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