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Israel, land of many wonders

Walk with ancient kings
Israel is the abode of many dynasties, heritages and lore. The world’s first human habitat is located here (Jericho, now PA) and so are many of history’s landmarks and hallmarks. There are no peers to Israel tours for the history buff, the enthusiast and the connoisseur of olden days. Come to witness the places revered by the whole world, places coveted and contested by Sultans and Lords. Walk with ancient kings and explore this land of wonder that lays between two seas, between scorching desert and billowy snow.

From desert to snow
Situated as the land is, Israel tours take you from the border of Sinai and Negev deserts and all the way to the other extreme – Mt. Hermon’s downy snow covered ridges – All these in just 500km from south to north. See the marvelous Mediterranean landscapes, wildlife, flora and fauna. It is a glorious land awaiting your geographical zeal, to see and sense, photograph and be. Prepare yourself for a unique journey amid ancient locales and the world’s lowest point, woods and groves, rolling hills and lush sceneries to quench journeymen’s wanderlust.

Electrifying cities
From Tel Aviv, the city that never sleeps, to Jerusalem and other holy cities, Israel tours take you through an urban quest. Markets, galleries, some of the world’s best beaches and discotheques – for those who appreciate good living and transcontinental influences, fused and infused in this fascinating culture of Canaanite modern era. Religions commingle with the casual here in perfect harmony as the land has become one for all. Witness this social wonder in 1st person.

Follow your tastes
Israel tours take you through one of the world’s most diversely influenced cuisines. The land allows you to sample everything from organic desert grown vegan and to a la carte delicacies with everything in between – traditional Jewish cooking, Arab and Palestinian hereditary as well as fine Greek oriental. Just as with culture, religion, geographic and ethnicity, Israel tours allow you to enjoy a mélange of influences in a very comfortable array. Follow your tastes – Come to Israel!

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