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Israel and the Fine Art of Travel

Small land – Big opportunities
Do not be fooled by Israel’s petite stamp on the world map. It is a full, rich region onto its own. Located at the heart of the Syrian African rift, it is a gem of a land packed with much natural attraction (not a word yet of cultural, historical and spiritual endeavor). To enjoy this land of alternating climate, fabulous locales, flora and fauna – one must make wise choices, if one is to know the land. This means a connoisseur choice of the right Israel tour company.

Land of many tribes
Alike to migrating birds that chose to stay, so have many people of different cultures and persuasions through history. Israel is jam packed with culture, diverse culture that encompasses Jews, Christians, Muslims, Nubians, Slavs and Bedouin, among others. Enjoy this mélange with expert guides of the Israel tour company, that is, your choice of travel and inspiration as you see fit. Only thus you may fathom the cultural embroidery which is modern Israel. It is an amazing one!

Sage spirituality
Israel has held the world’s spiritual focus for more than two millennia. All major religions hold its region sacred with The Kingdom of Heaven, Jerusalem, as the navel of the world and all that is divine. Choose your Israel tour company which’ll expedite the journey with ease to allow for true devotion at your choice of worship sites. Remember – It is a land of unfathomable mystery and the casual tourist may not find the right path easily. Make it a journey of a lifetime, for your spiritual lifeline.

Savor your time in the Sun
Being the modern Canaan, Israel is electrified with fun, sun, party and merrymaking. Music, arts, crafts, raves, the best markets and happiest people – Come here to live and enjoy without qualms. Every Israel tour company will offer you a choice or few, to quench even the most avid of thirst. Find your way among Israel’s many modern attractions with great guides that are in the know, allow yourself to be taken on a joyride!

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