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Israel Holy Land Travel Ltd. established from the love to Israel. This beautiful country has many years of history and legacy that is meaningful to all religions. The company founded with the belief that each person should come to Israel at least once in their life. Explore the land and be connected to its roots in the best possible way.
Each on our team is similar with the connection to the land and the purpose to give each tourist an experience of a life time.

The founder of Israel Holy Land Travel Ltd. is Mr. Raphael Ben Hur has served in many senior government positions in Israel throughout a career that has spanned over 32 years (1979-2011). He has held senior executive positions in the Israel Ministry of Transportation and the Israel Railways (1984-1997). For the last 14 years he has served as a Senior Director General, in the Israel Ministry of Tourism (1997-2011).
For the last nine years (2002-2011) Mr. Ben Hur has been the Senior Director General for Tourism Services at the Israel Ministry of Tourism. In his position he has also served periodically as the acting director General of the Ministry.
The company owner, Mr. Raphael Ben Hur is well known around the world due to his extensive work throughout the years in the Ministry of Tourism. Mr. Ben Hur has close connections to the highest Influential personas in the Christian and Jewish organizations around the world, as well as with the Christian establishments and leaders the holy land.
These connections are coming as a great advantage to the groups and individuals clients of Israel Holy Land Travel Ltd. before and on the tour to Israel.

Israel Holy Land Travel Ltd believes in the importance of pilgrimage to the Land of the Bible and the direct, personal, physical and spiritual benefit the pilgrim receives in coming to Israel to walk and pray in the holy places and to pray for the peace of Jerusalem. Israel, the Holy Land is holy to all the monotheistic faiths and as such is recognized in its central and unique spiritual place in each of these religions.

The company and staff see great importance in this opportunity and a calling to help Christians throughout the world strengthen their ties to the Land of the Bible and thereby strengthening their faith in the teachings of the Bible.

Israel Holy Land Travel Ltd vision is to be the leading company in Israel for Christian tourists from all over the world, understanding the needs and wishes coming to the holy land. The company and staff are committed to assure all the highest standards in tourist services and attention to the spiritual needs of their clients.

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